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Airconditioning & Heating

We supply install Daikin airconditioning and heating units to suit the climate and weather in North East Victoria- we know how cold it gets in Harrietville in Winter and how hot it is in Summer in Bright! As locals we know what system will suit your needs best.
Ducted Reverse Cycle Systems

A Ducted Reverse Cycle System is a packaged heating and cooling system where there is one unit inside the ceiling space and another unit outside. These systems are reverse cycle (provide both heating and cooling through the same unit / ductwork).

Split Systems

Split Systems are very similar to the Ducted Reverse Cycle System, however it is a unit that is situated on the wall in a single room. This will provide both heating and cooling into the immediate room only, not the entire area.

Types of Split System Air Conditioners

There are several types of split system air conditioners that we offer as part of our  air conditioning and heating options;

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